Causes and treatment of weak potency in men

Sex is an integral part of our lives. For some of us it is the most important process in life than the rest. Everyone knows that sex is for procreation. In addition, it is quite enjoyable and exciting process. A man and a woman making love, get great pleasure and enjoyment.

Symptoms reduce the erection

weak power

As you know, sex involves two, and a violation of the basic functions, one of them can cause serious psychological trauma. Men such violations consist of the weakening of power and the inability of the penis to fulfill their direct functions. First we need to understand how the disorder is expressed and what is its effect on the whole picture of the sexual relations. The main factors, disturbances in the functioning of reproductive organ men have the following features:

  • low power;
  • the inability to finish sexual intercourse;
  • lack of interest in sex;
  • it's the flaccid penis.

All these signs can occur both individually and as a whole. As a rule, the course and development of such symptoms is gradual. First of all, people can not feel the changes in the efficiency and effectiveness of its sexual apparatus. However, over time, provided you can ignore the primary signs, the power began to gradually decline, will affect the emotional and psychological state of men. This can be quite negative consequences. Some of us take the problems in sexual terms overreact, this is expressed in depression, irritability, and General disorder of all body systems, because of the psychological failure of a person.

Factors that affect the strength of the

It should be remembered, that the weak male potency - is not a sentence, and the situation may change. In most cases, such problems are only temporary, if they are not related to any disease, and can be completely neutralized. With proper care and adherence to preventive measures is the opportunity to rectify the situation and fully restore men's health. Any treatment will begin to identify factors that lead to such an outcome. The causes of weak potency in men is as follows:

  • stress;
  • fatigue;
  • General fatigue;
  • depression;
  • the lack of a permanent relationship;
  • changes in the hormonal background;
  • lack of exercise;
  • the wrong diet;
  • weight;
  • the presence of harmful habits;
  • inflammatory or infectious disease;
  • negative external effects.

Each of the above factors may be the reason that the impact of the future manhood. It should be remembered that a weak power does not arise out of nowhere. Rather, it develops and progresses under the action of one or several negative factors that gradually affect the entire functionality of the sexual apparatus of men.

Changing the way of life

Keeping a sedentary lifestyle combined with poor diet can have several negative consequences, and one of them is weak, which once again confirms the need for preventive measures and change of lifestyle.

In most cases, the fundamental reason that causes the development of other diseases and the emergence of various inflammatory processes, as it seems.

The most susceptible to such influence, people with reduced immunity, leading a sedentary lifestyle. This problem may be dictated by specific characteristics, where a man spends most of his day. The presence of bad habits, whether it's alcohol abuse or excessive Smoking only aggravate the situation and lead to the early development of the disorders of the sexual apparatus of men.

Eating disorders are not less harmful to human health. The abuse of fried, spicy or acidic does not go unnoticed. Disorders of metabolism will inevitably impact on weight gain, which in turn affects the quality and intensity of sexual intercourse. Usually the main causes of weak potency in men is rooted in these simple factors.

Psychological problems

the effectiveness of treatment

In most cases, a bad man in power is the result of psychological problems. Because of the emergence of the root causes and early signs of efficacy of disorders, some see this issue in quite dramatic and emotional. It is a major problem.

The systematic return, when the fault in the subconscious of men is broken down, which further affect the weakening of potency. Such emotional peaks lead to the fact that subsequent attempts to affect the memories of failure and its disastrous consequences. This fact can go unnoticed. Nervous tension and stress caused by the constant thought of their inferiority complex, and leads to the fact that the weak power becomes the norm rather than the exception. Therefore, the primary task that you need to decide for yourself, there is an awareness that it is possible the primary problems is only a temporary phenomenon, and they may be just echoes of other health problems.

Contact your doctor

If there is a weakened power, what to do in such circumstances? After experiencing the initial signs of a similar phenomenon, we should not immediately rush to the doctor, because it can only be a one-time treat the symptoms, which are due to the prevalence and worsening of any of these factors. Repeated violation of potency requires immediate referral to a specialist, who will determine the cause and prescribe the proper treatment and make a list of recommendations. Access to a doctor is necessary to determine the exact causes and factors that lead to weakened power. Also one important aspect is the delineation of the psychological and the identification of infectious processes that might be responsible for the weakening of potency. On the basis of the necessary tests, the doctor to determine the presence or absence of the infectious pathogen and making your system further medical treatment or preventive care.

Bad power is not really a serious test of a man's life, it is necessary to start timely treatment and prevention, which primarily relates to changes in the style and rhythm of life.

Preventive measures

What to do if your lifestyle is a key factor that affects a man's strength? Some, not really want to change anything in the habitual tenor of my life, I can't advise disease treatment medications. Such people is a miracle drug, which they believe give them the cure to any disease. Lifestyle modification is very acceptable for these people. However, slow power is not likely to improve only pills or creams. Dramatic changes in lifestyle and diet helps to ensure a long-lasting erection that will delight the man still many years. Such preventive measures are:

  • proper nutrition;
  • active lifestyle;
  • avoiding harmful habits;
  • in order to avoid fatigue;
  • weight loss;
  • the presence of a permanent partner;
  • sports.


Erectile dysfunction can be a serious problem for men. Sometimes, these problems overtake not pensioners, and it apparently healthy young men. The reasons for this unfortunate development may be the presence of inflammation in the body, but these cases are not so common. In most cases, failures of erection due to completely different factors, which affect the whole body of the man. Bad habits, overweight, lack of exercise and stress can all lead to violations, not just the man power, but also harm other body systems.