How to increase male potency?

Men's health depends on various factors. Power is disturbed, not only older men but also young guys. Many patients may decide to see a specialist to solve the problem and begin to take synthetic drugs to increase potency. However, they do not know is that there are natural remedies that can improve the erectile function.

A quick solution to men's problems

The advantages of synthetic media is immediate to increase the potency. If you take the famous Viagra, its action starts after the absorption of the drug and lasts for five hours.

how to increase the potency

Use natural way to increase potency in men begins to be treated sexual system and whole body. Its state depends on the sexual functioning of the man.

Efficacy may be reduced temporarily (broken erection for a short time) or life (in erection is disrupted for a long time). If you see such problems, do not immediately run to the clinic. You should first listen to some tips to support the male body.

How to increase male potency using natural ways

In order for the whole body to function properly, you need to eat right. It is recommended to take food with all necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins to increase the potency. Basically the male body can not do without vitamins C, E, selenium, zinc. Every day should meet the daily requirements in the body of these substances.

To increase potency is possible with special exercises. They strengthen blood circulation in the pelvis and strengthen the muscular system and the reproductive system. No need to waste time and through use, you can create visible results within a week.

Offer conditions the male hormone

To increase the potency of men, should keep the body the required amount of hormones. Testosterone is responsible for sexual ability, especially if the person is in the middle or Mature age. The age has decreased the level of this hormone.

To increase power, it is possible to get rid of excess weight because being overweight reduce testosterone levels in the blood and increases the level of estrogen – a female sex hormone. When the male body this commotion increase, erectile dysfunction, and deteriorating Overall health. Because of the excess weight appears to cardiovascular disease, diabetes. These serious factors that negatively affect male body, reducing its ability to produce children. If a man's waist is over 94 cm, it means that it needs to treat obesity.

Sober and get pleasure from a fulfilling relationship

  • Doctors have shown that alcoholic beverages, drugs, excessive Smoking harmful to men's health. If a man throw a bad habit, his sexual function will improve dramatically.
  • Sedentary profession affect the male potential, so it is better to combine physical activity lack of physical activity. You need to engage in active sports.
  • Some men, because of the strict professional has hours to sit. In that case, they sometimes should do Kegel exercise to train a particular muscle. The exercise does not require getting up from his chair.

Tune into the positive wave, get rid of the negativity

Often prevent an erection due to psychological experiences of connection failed sexual act, of insecurity in bed. Should try to eliminate sexual complexes, contact the therapist or sexologist.

A stressful situation, long experience and depression and must be avoided. Because experience is the inhibition of sexual function, since birth, the need for favorable conditions.

You need to sleep at night. Sleeping conditions should be optimal: the complete silence and darkness.

Integrated approach to men's problem, you can get more effects of treatments.

Especially men, who have no problems with sexual life


Men who have good power:

  1. Average height, normal weight;
  2. Developed muscular system;
  3. Clean the skin where the hair;
  4. Good coordination of movements;
  5. A wonderful sense of smell;
  6. High intellectual abilities;
  7. Self-assurance, confidence and peace of mind;
  8. Voice a low timbre.

If the person is bald, then it is not showing his ability in bed. This chapter does not affect the existence of male power.

What factors potency deteriorates:

  • Alcohol Addiction, Smoking;
  • A depressed emotional state, mental disorders;
  • Lack of exercise;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Diabetes;
  • Irregular sexual life;
  • Obesity;
  • Injuries;
  • Receiving means for inflating the muscles.

How to determine the occurrence of erectile dysfunction

In other words, this term is called impotence, which upsets the sexual system and men have lost the ability for sexual intercourse. It is not enough, it grows and hardens the penis, and may be preserved an erection. Erectile dysfunction is divided into mixed organic and psychogenic.

Most often this disease develops due to a variety of diseases and is organic in nature.

How to increase male potency and improve erection

The previous recommendations, in order to increase the potency. Plus, save on men's health and increase men's strength, you need to eat coconuts, celery, walnuts, dates, almonds, honey.

  1. To raise the potency of men doctors offer medical way, use of the drug-inhibitors;
  2. Injections are given into specific body;
  3. Vacuum therapy;
  4. St. john's wort, ginseng, pumpkin seeds;
  5. Psychotherapy, massage, physical therapy;
  6. Surgery.

Any medical tool, which allows you improve efficacy, use, the in advance will affect your doctor. These drugs are:

  1. The content of herbs;
  2. A special substance;
  3. In the form of a tonic.

How to increase male potency, fast

These drugs affect the body differently. At the time of their admission, the blood begins to flow into the sex organs and at the same time relaxes smooth muscle. Is vasodilatation the corpora cavernosa and this leads to enhancement of erection. These medicines increase the power available. Some people think that taking these drugs occur in the artificial creation of libido. This is not so. They all work in different ways.

products power

The purpose of the dose is a doctor. It is important before the use of these funds to consult with your doctor, because each body is different. If there is increased nervous excitability, affect the cardiovascular system, the constant insomnia and the elderly, then these medicines should be abandoned.

Counter medicines for allergies, angina, continued bleeding, cramps, arrhythmias, less than eighteen years of age.

How to increase male potency special means

The male body is zinc in sufficient quantity to avoid problems with sexual function. This top element is supplemented with sperm production. Zinc include Turkey, beef, seeds and seafood.

Some men refrain from eating meat without thinking about how it affects their men's abilities. And when they realize that their opportunities have diminished, began to run to the pharmacy to buy synthetic drugs, not knowing that they only need to start eating healthier.

Well-known builder muscular system is the spinach. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, folate. Blood better received in the male body, every day to eat spinach. Replace it with a cabbage.

Men often become clogged with kidney stones compared to women. If the daily diet must be vitamin B6, so this problem does not arise. This element protects the bladder cancer development. Defined vitamin is banana, sunflower seeds, potatoes, liver, chicken.

The development of the male sex hormone occurs in animal fats. If a man does not eat meat or drink too little, you will suffer its power. And all men want to have enhanced sexuality. This can be achieved using a conventional bow. One onion, eaten at the table, can greatly improve the intimate life of men. Onion has the ability to activate the metabolism of the whole body, so the first signs of prostate inflammation can occur.