Increased potency in men after 60 years

Increased potency in men after 60 years, because the decision of three tasks:

  • compensation for the natural decline in testosterone levels
  • correcting the effects of the disease of a systemic nature, which in this age is still acute, and they are particularly noticeable
  • creating a comfortable paradigm for active and energetic way of life in all areas, including sexual.
power 60

All of the methods to improve the potency and overall sexual function in men in this age it is built on common principles, to maintain and strengthen the "men's health", on the other hand, with the introduction of special additions, mainly applies to men, who "adopted" the sixty, on the other hand. How to increase the power of 60 years taking into account the specific issues and how to improve sexual life in this age, we will cover in this article.

Common health problems, such as the actualized factor

At any age, the condition of the heart, the nervous and endocrine systems, depending on the blood flow to the genitals, their sensitivity and reaction to the biochemical characteristics of the organism. However, the power of men to 60 years, are particularly vulnerable to all diseases, and organic factors, the impact of power come out of this age in the first place towards the psychic.

This is largely due to the fact that the accumulation of functional disorders of different nature, which leads to the fact that all of the first unseen problem is that the "last straw" that breaks down the entire system. In addition, at this age the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD), can have more serious consequences with erection problems seem insignificant. According to statistics, cardiovascular disease every year in the world killing 17 million people, in Russia, of them 1.3 million in addition to 60 years 60% of men diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The complexity of the situation is that the running condition of the 60 year (if it is not related to uncontrollable external influences or genetic diseases) comes as a result cherished for decades well-formed habits and lifestyles and nutrition. If a man has used your whole life is fried fatty foods, finishing lunch, tea and cake or chocolates, it is unlikely he can easily give up after 60 years. More and more difficult to part ways. Often men feel, like your favorite and delicious food, well-deserved reward for decades of work in the family. The fact that this food is slowly killing them, it does not stop.

The situation is worse, if a retired man is not limited by the need to maintain a sober lifestyle began to drink and spend the whole day on TV. In this case, only a radical change in lifestyle and nutrition, a trip to the doctor, complete research and identification of most obvious vulnerabilities of the body is the only way which can restore the chances of recovery power.


Natural age-related changes of physiological nature

Age-specificity is mainly by two opposite factors: the physiological inability to have a fairly active sex life and there is need for action in this area.

50-55 years men experience a break, or male menopause, which is associated with the biological process of reducing the health of the genital glands and reducing the production of testosterone as a result of their work. Hormonal balance is linked to the strength of sexual desire and as a result, the erectile-function. In four cases out of five the andropause in men, is mild and, therefore, the male menopause known people, much less than women. However, a fifth of men experience this transition clear symptoms:

  • rapid changes in pressure,
  • bad breath,
  • headaches,
  • irritability, feeling of fear and apathy,
  • increased sweating,
  • a significant reduction in sperm count
  • difficulties orgasm
  • the disappearance of sexual fantasies,
  • bad functions, fertilization, etc.

Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, the way to fix the lack of testosterone production: the age specific replacement therapy, which has long been used in the West and in the treatment and prevention. To make it more comfortable to restore hormonal balance developed a variety of therapeutic formats:

  • the pills are long lasting and
  • injection
  • patches for testosterone and others.

The transition period is andropause – take about 5 years to 60 years, as a rule, hormones have leveled. However, the late occurrence of andropause can begin 60 years, that in addition to physiological problems, creates serious psychological stress. It is believed that, in spite of the physiological "ease" men are usually more painful experience decreased libido, which only adds to the overall power.

If old age (due to lifestyle and medications that increase the production of testosterone or replace the missing testosterone) in men is still relatively good functionality, displayed a statistically significant chance to preserve the health of the reproductive system and continue to 70-80 years or more. One of the methods is continue sex life and ways to increase power after 60 is to maintain sexual activity.

High activity is the basis of man power after 60 years

proper nutrition

Soviet sexologists in the middle of the 20th century confirmed the need to the age of the men sexually active. In particular, I. M. Porudominsky work in the 1960s indicated that an elderly man, because of the different reasons for terminating an active sexual relationship, contribute to the deterioration of the health of the sex glands and increases when an erection. The practical conclusion was unambiguous: the recovery of potency after 60 years depends on how long the man is still sexually active.

Need sexual activity, the researcher pointed out, in those cases when the age of the patient is observed potency disorders and erectile dysfunction of varying degrees. Which is the sexual contact itself, for men over 60-to get the cure for impotence, or in any of its manifestations. If we shift the dependence of health in a permanent employment relationship in the social sphere, there is a clear analogy: the person who leads the retired to the active working life, fast "rent" if you can't find an alternative application of energy outside of work.

When you retire connected to a psychological stress factor, which also directly affects potency in men 60 years and its growth-decline. Although divided into conventional social roles, people began to search for its place new, like a senior citizen. In practice, this gave him more freedom and opportunities to develop themselves, relationships with others, including to increase the variety, quality and quantity of interaction with sexual partner (partners). Indirectly, this improves the sexual activity and organic factors – to maintain this lifestyle a man is to take care of their health, to get cash at the doctors, quit bad habits (Smoking), walking more instead of sitting behind a Desk.

On the other hand, there is the danger, not to find yourself in a new role of retiree, and due to the reduction of the ordinary social significance of fall out of the normal rhythm of life. Such a slowing down and a transition stage of life can lead to decreased physical activity, which in itself is harmful to health, but at the same time psychologically can "change" a man, provokes the failure of all body systems, including the power after 60 years.

In other words, to understand that life in retirement will not end, but continue the full spectrum of symptoms including sex life, is expressed helps to maintain potency even in old age.

Such demands to the man who wants to return to power, appeared not yesterday and not today. The best way to maintain male power in ancient times revealed to the world, Taoists, which in principle is not considered erection problems to be insoluble, and analogues the term "impotence" is deliberately taken out more than attention. Their methods, which increases the chances of men were based on a deep study of his own nature, the information needs of the partner and the interaction with her and the environment. According to an embodiment of the teachings using proven, breathing exercises and delay the ejaculation (which takes the life force, if the purpose is not procreation), a man can continue in their sex lives to a ripe old age.