Men's health after 50 years: the power and other features

Despite the fact that men are traditionally stronger sex, some medical facts to prove otherwise. According to current data, the male gender worse than women, because the duration and quality of life. Men have much more in common with the pathology of the heart and blood vessels, and cancer. Another important and exclusively men's health problem is erectile dysfunction, occurs in many physiological and pathological reasons.

power after 50

Features of power of men over 50 years

Every man, under 45 to 50 years, need to carefully take care of their reproductive health, because of its deterioration affects not only sex life, but also threatens the development of serious diseases.

Male reproductive system – a complex mechanism, involving the pelvic organs, nerve plexus, arterial and venous blood vessels, endocrine glands. Therefore, the "fault" is only one link leads to malfunction of the entire system.

With age, blood vessel walls become less elastic and slows down the speed of nerve impulses to special fibers to some extent, disrupt the endocrine glands, which also affect the potency and erection in men. In addition to appearing in the literature terms such as age-related androgen deficiency (VAD), or "andropause".

Testosterone is a sex hormone, determines the functional state of almost all organs and systems of the male body. Its normal levels protect the man many age-related diseases. Thus, androgen deficiency provokes the appearance of somatic pathology, including the reproductive system. Chronic diseases also worsen during the WAD, creating a vicious cycle.

Characteristics of chronic diseases, which can impair erectile function

Aging, bad habits, poor nutrition, accidents at work and, of course, genetic predisposition – all of this with age triggers a chronic somatic pathology.

The most common disease occurs in men and negatively affect the power:

  • hypertension;
  • peripheral atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic stress;
  • pathology of the prostate;
  • sexually transmitted disease;
  • bad habits.


Hypertension is one of the most common diseases among the male population, which not only affect the quality of life, but not infrequently is the cause of death (hemorrhagic stroke, myocardial infarction). Disease pathogenesis is a continuous growth in numbers of the system pressure is higher than the standardized norms, depending on the age and sex of the patient.

When hypertension occurs a large stress on the heart and blood vessels, which over time lose their elasticity, become thinner, weaker areas to form the aneurysm and cholesterol plaques. As you know, an erection is achieved due to the good filling of the vessels of the cavernous bodies of the penis under the influence of nerve impulses. Consequently, the vessels have lost their elasticity, lose their extensibility and is much worse full of blood, which leads to the development of erectile dysfunction.


High cholesterol in peripheral blood and damage the intima of blood vessels and leads to an imbalance of lipoproteins low and high density. As a result, the endothelium of the arteries are gradually accumulating cholesterol that form the plaque, which connective tissue. Bulge the inner wall of the vessel creates, in this place of turbulent blood flow, which causes blood clotting and ulcers in the plaque, which can later break away and cause life-threatening complications.


The same changes occur in the blood vessels in the penis, causing them to become rough, tapering, and covered with small atherosclerotic plaques. Accordingly, the blood filling the cavernous bodies is much worse, creating great difficulty in erection.

Diabetes mellitus type 2

In most cases, diabetes type II diabetes (insulin-dependent) is much older or obese people. Why is it so common, men over 50 years and have problems with excess weight.

High glucose in the peripheral blood depresses immune function, disrupts the work of many organs, aggravate another underlying medical condition, if there is one, and also damage to the inner vessel wall, beginning the process of advanced glycation.

In most cases type II diabetes is commonly seen in metabolic syndrome, when there is impaired glucose tolerance, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol in peripheral blood and symptoms of obesity of the Central type. All of these symptoms can significantly worsen the work of the male reproductive system, because of damage to the vessels and violations of the neuroendocrine regulation.

Chronic stress

Psychological impotence is a fairly common reason for the failure of the sexual life of men, which crossed the threshold of middle age. Often, stressful situations, family or mental stress at work, fear of the future retirement age — have a negative impact on mental and somatic health of men.

Not only the lack of sexual desire on a psychological level, stressful situation, which is accompanied by massive release of catecholamines into the blood (norepinephrine and epinephrine), which causes severe narrowing of the large and small vessels, including the male organ.

Normalization of relations at work and at home, find interesting Hobbies – to help to improve the psycho-emotional state of man and his sex life.

Prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases

The lack of sufficient knowledge or just a reluctance to use contraception, management of sexually promiscuous does not rarely lead to the emergence of sexually transmitted diseases. Most men ignore the occasional itching, discharge, erection problems and rarely seek medical help. At the same time, progressive inflammation affecting the urinary tract and distributed to the higher – up prostate.

Healthy prostate – the key to good and long sexual life. However, physiological changes in the body, as well as inflammation, which leads to dysfunction of the prostate and, therefore, violations of an erection.

Therefore, every person important to use contraception and, if necessary, immediately contact the doctor for help, and after achieving the 45-year – mandatory annual routine medical examination, which includes palpation of the prostate and a blood test for levels of prostate specific of the hormone.

Bad habits

Long and constant Smoking, frequent alcohol consumption affects the nervous system, heart, liver, leads to the particular vessels and increases the risk of cancer (in men lung cancer, prostate cancer and gastric).

Nicotine resin and ethanol – a kind of slow poison for the human body, which will trigger irreversible processes. It is proved that Smoking and drinking in men is a problem not only in the cardiovascular system, but the power.

Useful tips

Prevention or early treatment of the disease improves the prognosis and reduce complications. Thus, men over the age of 50 is recommended:

how to deal with it
  • Quit Smoking and often drinking.
  • Edit a way of life, i.e. to enter in your daily routine dose of exercise, normalize and change the diet to exclude fat, acute, smoked and flour.
  • Find interesting and exciting hobby.
  • Regularly go through all the necessary preventive medical examinations, and in the presence of a chronic disease – take your doctor prescribed treatment.
  • Consultation with the doctor to start the prevention of vascular disease. It is proved that the exchange rate of the regular use of such drugs and dietary SUPPLEMENTS, such as omega-3-saturated fatty acids, vitamin E, fish oil improves heart function, and protects blood vessels, strengthens their walls.