How to increase potency in men at home

How to increase potency in men at home? With this, you can go to the doctor, and it is possible to resort to not medicinal products and trying to increase sexual activity through a variety of means that are familiar to many.

Men's power is affected by several factors, starting with stress and ending with the diseases of the nervous system and hemopoietic system. So, how to solve the problem and how fast to restore its former capacity, without resorting to drugs?

General instructions

how to increase the potency
  1. Give up alcohol and tobacco use. Nicotine and alcohol adversely affect blood flow to the reproductive organ, leading to vasoconstriction and increasing of General intoxication.
  2. Sport (exercise to improve blood flow to the tissues and organs, thereby strengthening an erection).
  3. Follow the rules of food (do not eat fatty and fried food, monitor the amount of calories consumed).

Who is at risk:

  • people with obesity (excess weight adversely affects the person);
  • the age of (over time potentially decreases and it is considered normal);
  • diseases of the nervous system and hemopoietic system (as a result of the disease manifests itself, a violation of blood flow to the pelvic organs, erectile problems).

In order to avoid various complications need to monitor the condition of the body, make the right lifestyle, vitamins and exercise. This is enough for many years to remain valid. But if the problem of power has already happened, you can try to add it to a variety of methods.

Herbs for men

To strengthen the potency you need to seek help from useful plants and herbs, which you can prepare at home. A man is recommended to use a decoction of the following plants:

  1. Oregano (useful for the stronger sex, because it affects the reproductive system in General).
  2. Thyme (helps to normalize blood circulation, helps with diseases of the reproductive system, which can cause impotence).
  3. St. john's wort (the plant is a powerful antioxidant and a natural anti-depressant).

A "Cocktail" of these herbs help increase the desire. But you should not rely only on herbal medicine, because there are other tools that can help treatment impotence.

Than to diversify the diet

You need to include in the diet of aphrodisiacs are substances of natural origin that have a positive effect on the male body.

Aphrodisiacs that list:

  • oysters;
  • avocado;
  • celery;
  • nuts;
  • greens (dill, parsley);
  • white and red wine (in moderation).

Oysters and other seafood have a positive effect on the reproductive system, they are rich in natural substances that enhance libido. The trace elements contained in seafood help to cope with the problem, "saturate" the body with useful substances. It is recommended to eat oysters 2 times a week, regularly.

Avocado is a fruit that men have. Avocado contains plenty of healthy oils and ingredients that are easily digested and normalizes the whole body.

Celery is an important vegetable for men's health, the juice of this plant and its shoots. You can add the celery root (it has most of the nutrients), the root can be grated and added to the salad or drink the juice of this plant.

Useful for any nuts, you can combine it with honey or milk, but is the "treatment" is recommended in the morning, in small quantities (the body weight did not increase). Nuts should be present in daily diet, they go well with dried fruit.

Such herbs as parsley and dill will garnish the dish, but if every day to drink the juice of these herbs, diluting the resulting drink the juice of carrot, beet or any other vegetable, then get an effective stimulant potency.

Dill, parsley and celery combine well with ginseng, which is also useful for men.

A moderate amount of alcohol thins the blood, it improves the flow of nutrients and vitamins in different organs. Alcohol increases blood pressure, but it works on the blood vessels quite rude. For this reason, it is recommended to drink to be careful to use it in a small amount, because otherwise the opposite effect.

Opposite treatments

products to increase potency

To increase the potency of natural ways you need to resort to using contrast procedures. It improves blood flow to organs, due to which tissues receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

This can be done in the following way:

  1. Pour 2 containers of different temperature liquid (one warm, another cold).
  2. Turns down the sexual organ that capacity.

The procedure lasts 15 minutes, every time you dive in cold and hot water should increase the number of minutes that the body arrived in that capacity.

Baths or Laurel Laurel bath also helps to normalize the condition of the body and increase the potency.

How is the procedure:

  • pre-prepare a decoction of Laurel leaves several;
  • when ready the tub with warm water;
  • bath pour a decoction of bay leaves and take it in for 10-15 minutes;
  • after the procedure, RUB your body with your hands or a towel.

High-performance massage is different, massage can be yourself, RUB the area of the buttocks, lower back and pubic area with his hands, making circular motions.

You can still warm the feet, immerse them in hot water, then put on socks, RUB feet, slowly raising them to the knees and thighs.

Tincture of ginseng for men

This drug can be bought in a pharmacy online. Tincture of ginseng is taken in the long term, you can combine it with a variety of drinks (with no alcohol).

Infusion taken a drop, if you are going to meet a girl, you can also take the tincture again. Increase libido in women.

Exercise erectile

There are several physical exercises that help to increase power, you can make them at home:

  1. Sit in a chair, grasp the seat and lift the buttocks, while straining muscles of the back and waist.
  2. Lie on your back, bend your knees and put them directly in front of me, hands lay along the body, lift your hips and lower it lingering in the air for a few minutes.
  3. Squat with feet apart at shoulder width, dipping not completely, fixing the position for 30 seconds.
  4. Run in the mornings. Jogging will help not only get rid of problems with potency, but chronic fatigue syndrome, which can cause problems with erection.

Vitamins for men

Improve your health with the help of vitamins. They are easily available in the pharmacy and drugs cause addiction, they do not have a relationship.

What vitamins can help male:

  • Zinc — this trace mineral has been successfully used in disorders of the metabolic processes in the body. Zinc helps the renewal of male germ cells and improves the regenerative processes in the body.
  • Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant that prevents the body from aging. It rejuvenates the body and improves cellular exchange.
  • B vitamins — stimulates immune system activity, they are useful for the nervous system and improve brain function.
  • Selenium is a mineral which is essential for the male reproductive system, it is widely used in the process of spermatogenesis.
  • Vitamin A is a substance, which is also called beta-carotene, it is involved in metabolic processes, helps to normalize the condition of the body involved in the process of formation of sperm.

The normal functioning of the reproductive system in men requires a holistic approach to solving the problem. Preferably it is not easy to take vitamins and eat right, exercise.

Sexual attraction and activity erection directly related to the quantitative concentration of testosterone in the male body. Insufficiency of this hormone leads to a decrease in power, sexual desires and possibilities.

Decreased efficacy can occur at any age, but in most cases, such problems are easily fixable. If the time to see a doctor to make lifestyle changes can get a good result in the fight against this problem.

But no need to wait for the results a few days after starting "treatment" treatment of this nature has its own characteristics, it flows in the long term, and is cumulative, i.e. will appear in a few months.