Products erection: what is important is man power?

Problems with potency? I hardly thought that the reason may be an unbalanced diet, because it provokes the majority of the failures in the body. Especially after thirty, when a man's strength is gradually starting to fade. The following special diet foods for erectile helps to increase libido, potency and improve. But don't worry, starvation is not difficult provided!

No rules to follow?

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The diet is made separately. Someone is trying to get rid of chronic disease, and someone just wants to prevent know what foods increase erection, and to revise the diet. And lifestyle each have their own, who also can not be ignored. Although there are General tips for those who are willing to eat properly due to well-coordinated work of the reproductive system:

  1. If you are being treated, the diet, it is important to adjust with a specialist. Some products may neutralize the effect of medicines. For example, grapefruit should not eat if you use antibiotics.
  2. The portions should be average. Fasting is strictly prohibited to restore the body with essential nutrients in sufficient quantities. But overeating is not desirable – excess weight provokes a decrease erectile.
  3. Usually made diet to follow to achieve results. If you want to and no know problems with potency, it is important to eat foods that increase erections, permanently.

What foods improve erectile function?

The include menu of the day:

  1. Foods that contain zinc. It increases the production of sex hormones, effective in fighting infections, provoking the decline of erection. Much zinc is seaweed, asparagus, celery, pumpkin seeds, squid and river fish.
  2. Foods that contain carotene. Its a lot of fruits and vegetables, orange and red hue – carrots, pumpkin, apricots. It is necessary to increase the libido, it also strengthens the immune system. Foods for good erections, which is a carotene, the benefits to the prostate gland, they are effective in the treatment of prostatitis.
  3. Fiber. It speeds up the metabolism, which is important in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The diet should be supplemented with cabbage, greens, apples and bread with bran. Useful and jelly from the berries.
  4. Products that contain glycine, histidine, tyrosine, threonine. These substances contribute to the production of testosterone – a hormone, which affects the quality of erection and ejaculation. Eat quail eggs. Roasted they lose their useful properties, so they suggest to cook soft-boiled or even eaten raw, for example, eggnog or a cocktail.

What to eat more confident in bed?

Red grapes

It improves the motility of sperm. The skin of the berries is resveratrol – it is responsible for the reproductive activity of the protein.


Useful fish for men. It has a lot of vitamin D, which is 90% increases the concentration of testosterone in the blood. The austrian researchers also found that this fish has a positive effect on the DNA molecules, which contain sperm.

Avocado and nuts

Fats can not be completely removed from the diet. Harmful, promote the formation of cholesterol, which closes the vessels, to replace the plant. Avocado – what you need. Useful and nuts for erection.


The survey showed that 47% of men who daily consumed pomegranate juice, showed a significant improvement of efficacy. But keep in mind that packaged juices in the supermarket are inferior to the utility fresh.


It contains hydrocortisone, a substance which preserves the body's energy stocks. Thanks to him, purposefully moving the sperm to the egg. But prior to the date of the wrong the garlic still not worth it.


This product contains boron and the nitrogen oxides, 50% to increase blood flow. As a preventive measure every day to eat a teaspoon of the product.


Milk protein is the source of testosterone, which is also the muscle growth has a positive effect. This product also removes from the body the female hormone estrogen. How are the men? Accumulates in the body with age and also the taste of the beer.


Day optimally eat three eggs. This is the amount that does not damage the heart and blood vessels cholesterol. In addition, egg protein material, which is needed for the formation of sperm.

What to remove from the diet?

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Food erection does not use products, which are so like men. So be prepared for the fact that the food that you have consumed on a daily basis, and considers it to be tasty, have to give. What foods are harmful to sexual function:

  1. Fatty meat, provoking the formation of cholesterol. It leads to disruption of blood flow to the body, especially the pelvis, cause problems with potency. Replace pork and beef, poultry products or a rabbit. It does not bake, and bake product.
  2. Spices – tasty but not always healthy. Spicy, spicy and salty foods to reduce erectile.
  3. Soda, coffee, beer. As a result of research managed to prove that these drinks can reduce libido.
  4. Sports food when it contains supplements steroids.

Now you know that helps to get an erection, and what products it is better to remove the daily menu. Choosing a healthy and proper diet, not only can restore sexual function, but also improve the condition of the whole organism. It's easy, try it and you!